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Hello World!

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This blog was created because I want to document my experience as a developer, create descriptions about the tools I use and how I use them, provide details about technologies, and lastly to see my progress over time through the articles of this blog.

The blog is generated with HUGO which is a static site generator tool. I first read about it when bootstrap decided to switch from Jekyll. Switch to Hugo #24475 was open in October 2017. The mentioned ticket contains a lot of discussion about their needs and blocks. They finally opened a PR (#28014) in January 2019 which was merged in March 2019.

For the design Material Components Web and bootstrap was used. The first library as the name indicates provides web components for Material Design. As this is the official implementation I tend to use this in my projects. The second is beloved by me for its grid system and its utility classes. For bundling these tools I decided to use npm with [Laravel Mix][laravel-mix]. This way I was able to create a bundle very easily but also added a lot of dependencies. However, I will probably replace it with something else.

Originally I planed to host this site on GitHub Pages but during reading Hosting & Deployment section of the HUGO documentation it turned out that GitLab Pages is easier to make the deployment automatic. I have to admit nowadays I started to prefer GitLab over GitHub.

Hello World! was last updated on 2020-02-21. If you find any missing or incorrect information feel free to create an issue or a PR here.
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