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Hello World! This blog was created to document my experiences as a developer.

Project: RedisTS

{ publishDate: 2022-01-06, readTime: 1 min read, categories: [ Project, Programming ], tags: [ Redis, RedisTimeSeries ], authors: [ László GÖRÖG ] }

Early last year (2021), I started some courses on Redis University to learn more about the features and data structures of Redis. On these courses I learned about a couple of Redis Modules. After reading more about them, I found a project which could be built on top of RedisTimeSeries which adds time-series data structure to Redis. I started development with the official Go client RedisTimeSeries/redistimeseries-go but found some inconveniences. For example, it is tied to gomodule/redigo, but I more prefer go-redis/redis.

Contribution: Laravel

{ publishDate: 2021-08-13, readTime: 2 min read, categories: [ Contribution, Programming ], tags: [ Laravel, mailer ], authors: [ László GÖRÖG ] }

In one of my Laravel based side projects I use mailgun to send emails. Unfortunately, in some cases their service is not available in my region (EU). In the time of writing this article the most recent one in the EU was on Aug 2 for ~2 hours and the one before that was on May 29 for ~5 hours. You can check out all outage (orange) on their incident history page.

Contribution: EBML

{ publishDate: 2021-03-06, readTime: 1 min read, categories: [ Contribution, Programming ], tags: [ EBML, Matroska, RFC ], authors: [ László GÖRÖG ] }

Recently I got interested in Matroska container and found out IETF is working on documents to make Matroska and EBML a standard. These documents help developers to better understand the underlining technologies and to create implementations for them in any programming language. From these two documents my main interest is EBML which defines the structure of Matroska (.mkv .mk3d .mka .mks) files. While working on a Go implementation myself I’ve found some issues in the EBML specification and provided an issue and a PR to fix it.

Hello World!

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This blog was created because I want to document my experience as a developer, create descriptions about the tools I use and how I use them, provide details about technologies, and lastly to see my progress over time through the articles of this blog. The blog is generated with HUGO which is a static site generator tool. I first read about it when bootstrap decided to switch from Jekyll. Switch to Hugo #24475 was open in October 2017.