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Link: https://github.com/coding-socks/ebml

Extensible Binary Meta Language (EBML) is a generalized file format for any kind of data, aiming to be a binary equivalent to XML. It provides a basic framework for storing data in XML-like tags. It was originally developed for the Matroska audio/video container format.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extensible_Binary_Meta_Language

It is based on the July 2020 version of [RFC 8794][rfc8794] and on the 6th iteration of [draft-ietf-cellar-matroska][draft-ietf-cellar-matroska-06]. None of these documents reached “Internet Standard” status yet.

The goal is to provide implementation for these documents and during the implementation provide feedback for them.

EBML was last updated on 0001-01-01. If you find any missing or incorrect information feel free to create an issue or a PR here.
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