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Quicky 2021-03-06

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Recently I got interested in Matroska container and found out IETF is working on documents to make Matroska and EBML (the technology which defines the structure of Matroska files) a standard. These documents help developers to better understand the underlining technologies and to create implementations for them in any programming language.

While working on a Go implementation myself I’ve found some issues in the EBML specification and provided an issue and a PR to fix it. I can proudly announce my PR got merged.

I plan to keep working on my implementation and provide feedback if needed to help the IETF Cellar Group finalise EBML and Matroska specification.

Quicky 2021-03-06 was last updated on 2021-03-06. If you find any missing or incorrect information feel free to create an issue or a PR here.
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